Bad Timing

Sunday, when the empty light on my van dinged on, I decided I could wait to get gas until Monday. I waited, hoping that the prices would come down after the weekend. I waited because I had earned 10 cents off at Kroger and would drive right by there on Monday.

Monday came. The gas prices did go down slightly, and with my 10 cents off I paid $3.53 a gallon. "Not bad," I thought, and went onto to our destination.

A mere hour later, on our way home, gas at Kroger was $3.39! Ah the agony! I could have gotten gas for $3.29 a gallon, $0.24 per gallon cheaper, if I'd only waited to get gas on the way home. Instead I drove by the lines that were forming at the pumps for that relatively cheap gas with my full tank of what now seemed like expensive gas. I guess my timing was just a bit off.

Photo credit: Domain Barnyard
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