A Free Fun Day (almost)

Have I mentioned lately the value of buying a museum membership? They are not free, but they are usually very reasonable. We are members of the Highlands Museum in a nearby town. An initial outlay of under $60 provides our family a whole year's worth of entertainment.

The best part of the deal is that since our membership is with a museum that is part of the ASTC, we can go to museums all over the country and a few overseas for free! There are several museums near us where our membership is valid, and many in places where we have family and friends. To check which museums are members in your area click here.

My children never seem to tire of going back to the same place either. The entire basement of our local museum is a hands on area designed for children. Many of the other exhibits also are interactive, and some of the exhibits change regularly giving us something new to look at.

We went today. The current exhibit is about Abraham Lincoln, and there were dress up clothes for the children. Of course, Lydia loved that. She would have liked some jewelry, like Tahitian pearls, but dresses are good enough for her.

Not all of the activities are girl oriented either. There are aviation and war exhibits, a cave, a tree house, and more. Nolan enjoyed working the coal mine today.

I paid $1.50 for today's educational entertainment. There was only a cost because we participated in a workshop with a group of friends. No the day wasn't really free. I did pay the membership cost at the beginning of the year. That cost is already accounted for and every trip to the museum now feels like a free day of fun. A museum membership is well worth the price!

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