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In discussing the changes we are trying to make to our finances, many readers have recommended Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey and the accompanying program Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey is a familiar name in this house. I frequently run into his concepts in blog reading, and my husband often listens to his radio program. His ideas are simple common sense. I like simple.

We were interested in taking his classes, but were put off by the cost which is close to $100. We felt since we were already familiar with his concepts, and didn't have an extra $100 lying around, that it was not a good idea. We did decide to get the book from the library, and consider the class further.
Our library carries an older version of the book, but the basic concepts remain. The book is easy to read, entertaining, and encouraging. I enjoyed reading it, but as suspected there was little in the book that was new to us. That is not to say that reading it was not worthwhile.
The concepts are not new, but obviously they are also not things that we have been putting into practice either. All these concepts about money just kind of flat around in your head. The book puts it all together into one big picture. Dave Ramsey's personal story is a huge encouragement that things are not hopeless, and we can make a turn around in our finances. Newly encouraged with basic concepts fresh in our minds, it is time to put those things into action. We need a plan, and we need accountability. These are the things we are hoping to accomplish in the classes.
While reading the book, our church began talking about offering a small group for Financial Peace University. Someone offered to provide childcare during the group meetings. Many people offered to pay for the classes. How can we refuse that?
The introductory video was played at church last Sunday. The classes start in about two weeks. I think it will be very good for us.

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