I Sugared

Shave, Wax or Sugar to get ready for the coming warm weather? I was amazed at the feedback on this post. When writing it, I was pretty set on buying a home wax kit. My remark about a homemade recipe was made flippantly. I really got excited when you started telling me, "Yes, you can do this from scratch." I couldn't wait to try it.

I started checking around. Amy left a recipe in the comments. Alexandra tried it and posted about it. I got a little nervous. It sounded messy, time consuming and painful. "Do I really want to do this?" I thought, "what have I gotten myself into?" I am pretty adventurous. I will try almost anything once, so I decided I would try.

Then the problem came, when to try this? I knew it needed to be soon; spring is almost here. I also knew I'd probably have to plan ahead for a day when Tim would be home, and able take care of the kids for awhile. I hadn't figured out when that day would be, then opportunity presented itself.

Friday, Papaw invited the three oldest to ride along to pick up their cousins, and they would be leaving right at Vivian's nap time. Perfect! I checked the recipes closer. I read about the technique. I had the baby in bed, and the sugaring mix on the stove before the kids were out the door.

While it was cooling, I re-read the techniques, (I really wanted to be sure!) and cut my rags. I gathered everything I thought I would need, and decided my bath tub would be the best place to try this.

When the mix was cool enough that I could stand it on my skin, I began. I decided to try my armpits first. I dusted with cornstarch, as suggested in the recipe Alexandra used. I smoothed on some sugar, laid the strip of cloth on, rubbed it, gritted my teeth and pulled. Nothing.

Figuring I'd done something wrong, I read the directions again, tried the other arm, and nothing, again. "OK, " I thought, "maybe it is just the arm pits. Maybe I didn't get all the deodorant residue off."

I tried the legs; nothing. I read directions again. I tried every combination of rubbing and pulling with the hair, against the hair, on skin with lots of hair, on skin where the hair is not so thick. I even got different rags, wondering if the fabric was the problem, or if something I had used on the rag before was the problem. Every now and then, a few hair would be pulled out, but I clearly was not making much progress.

When I heard the baby stir, I looked at the clock and realized I'd been working at this for over an hour, and only had sticky pits and legs to show for it. Luckily the baby went back to sleep. I gathered all the rags and clothing, and put them in the washer. I cleaned out the tub, and the other supplies. I put a new cartridge in my razor, grabbed another one, (Just in case the first didn't hold up for the whole job.) and jumped in the shower. Twenty minutes later, I emerged with hairless pits and legs.

What went wrong? I wish I knew! I followed the recipe left in the comments, using some tips from the other one. The only thing I can figure went wrong was the lemon juice. I didn't have any lemon juice. For awhile now, I've been using a wild food substitute for lemon juice. I've never had any problems substituting with this before. It is less acidic though, so I am guessing that may be where the problem came.

Will I try again? I am willing to try again, because I like the idea of not needing to shave for up to two months. I can see sugaring being something to do a couple of times a year, like once in the spring and once in the fall. I also like that regularly removing hair in this fashion, causes your hair growth to be thinner. I won't be trying again until after this summer though. My razor and I will have to stay friendly for this short wearing season. *sigh*

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