Make it From Scratch! #3 Challenge Week

Welcome to challenge week! The week we make something from scratch that we never have before. This is my favorite week because it motivates me to try new things, and I love to see what everyone else is trying!

This is also the week I offer a prize. The random winner may pick from blackberry jam, blackberry vinegar, or a dozen peanut butter cookies. All are made from scratch, of course! I did hint that I might offer something made with black walnuts. We found some shell in the pie I made so, I was hesitant to offer a prize made with the black walnuts, but if you win and are willing to risk a bit of shell, I was thinking of offering black walnut oatmeal cookies. We will find out who the winner is in just a moment.

The Heathers have been busy at the sewing machines. Heather (devil dog wife) is in the middle of a move, yet still found time to sew pajamas? Go give her a pat on the back! What a woman!

Heather L found a way to give her husbands hunting jacket a bit more life. See how she sewed cuffs on it.

Soup and Bread
Alexandra makes her own condensed soup in Make It From Scratch Carnival: Homemade Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup posted at Happy Hearts At Home. I felt guilty as I opened a can of this tonight to use for dinner.

Amy Allen Clark has overcome her fear of yeast bread. This week she is Stepping Outside of the Bread Box posted at The Motherload.

Delilah is following Amy's lead and borrowing a recipe too. She made homemade rolls for the first time.

Heidi tried her hand at fruit leather. Her son loved it, and she has some ideas on how to make it even better next time. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday while you are there! Her birthday is Wednesday!

Phelan made the cheese she has been promising! She decided to start by making cream cheese.
**********BONUS PRIZE*************** She is giving away some cheese to a lucky winner.

At Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods, I try my first nut pie; black walnut. It was a learning experience. {sigh}

Pretty Things
Barbra Sundquist talks about an easy and quick way to scrapbook in Scrapbooking Alphabet Stickers posted at

Cindy is a whiz at creative ways to recycle. She is Using VHS tape to crochet an evening bag posted at My Recycled

Lydia was very pretty with her curled hair. We made the curlers from scratch. Rag rolling to curl hair.

Michelle at Scribbit is also very pretty, and made a pretty amazing Momblog Search Engine. This you have to see!

And the winner is...
Alexandra Happy Hearts At Home. Please email me with a prize choice and mailing address.

Thanks for all the wonderful entries!
Want to join in next time? Post about something you make from scratch or use an archived post. Anything made from scratch is welcomed. For more details about the carnival go here.

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Make it From Scratch! #3 Challenge Week + soup