Make it From Scratch #5

Welcome to Make it From Scratch! I am so excited to have so many first time participants. I am glad to have you join us! Of course, I also greatly appreciate the regulars! Onto the carnival, as always food rules. Lots of yummy recipes this week.

Sometimes the best recipes are those we don't really have a recipe for. MamaKelly shares A Blog of Two Witches An Old Family Recipe: Cream of Tomato Soup « posted at A Blog of Two Witches.

Phelan tells about Homemade Noodles and Rooster soup posted at A Homesteading Neophyte. She also shows us how the rooster got its revenge.

Celeste at C's life is using her crock pot, made for two, to prepare a stew from leftovers. You may also be interested to see how she sneaks in onions in her meals.

Main Dishes
Did you follow the Iron Chef Challenge? Amy and Meredith had a head to head battle for frugal meals. See the final results here. One of the meals Amy prepared was Iron Chef Moms Challenge: Day Two- Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks. Yummy and frugal!

Heather L. has adopted a family recipe from her in-laws, Make It From Scratch: Pirogees! posted at It's all for the best. For an added twist she tried a batch with cream cheese too. Go see how it turned out.

Joanna at Keeping Feet, made Shepherds Pie for St Patrick's Day, sneaking in some extra veggies to their diet. It looks yummy!

Have any leftover Girl Scout cookies? Nah, me neither, but this recipe looks good enough to buy another box for. Ivy presents Baking with the kids, a recipe that is made with my favorite Girl Scout cookies, posted at Home Ec 101.

What only one dessert? That just won't do. Hmmm... what do I have laying around in the archives....? How about Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake? I actually did make this on Saturday.

Yarn Creations
Lately, I've been seeing so many yarn projects that look interesting. I've said it before, but I must learn to knit. Is there a difference between knitting and crocheting? See I'm clueless.

Anastacia is using her odds and ends of cotton yarn to make Hand Knitted/ Crocheted dishcloths. She donates, uses and saves them for Christmas. Smart lady! Posted at Anastacia Knits.

It is pretty. It is unusual. See what Leah Hitchcock Ybarra made at Tutorial: Easy Crocheted Pendant posted at Michon Jewelry Blog.

Homemade Fun
When a family outing yields big fun, Heather decides tries to duplicate it at home. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate so they could try their Homemade Bubbles.

Keeping It Clean
Becca made a little something to save her sister some embarrassment and keep her shirts clean. See what it is at Made From Scratch posted at Unplugging the "Stuff" Machine.

Alexandra presents Soap From Scratch posted at Happy Hearts At Home. She also gives us a handy link to a site that helps you design your own soap recipe.

I was trying to give my legs a clean look. They got clean, eventually, but not the way I'd hoped. I Sugared.

Again, all the creativity inspires and amazes me. My list of things I want to try keeps growing. Thanks to all of you!

Want to play along? We are doing it again next week! Click here for more details.

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Make it From Scratch #5 + soup