The Wii Fund

Sometimes a mom just has to brag about her kids.
Good friends of ours have a Wii

. When we are there we (as in everyone, adults and kids) end up playing it. I'm not much of a video game fan, but I have to admit to liking the Wii. I like the interaction that you have when you play the Wii sports. Wii fit makes exercising fun, and exercise and fun are two words I almost never use in the same sentence. If we were going to buy a game system, this is the one I would buy. But we are not buying anything extra right now.
My kids really want a Wii, but they have not begged or whined for it. They did request it for Christmas. We told them it was highly unlikely, and they seemed to understand that. Instead of crying about it, they got together and made a plan to purchase their own.
They created a Wii fund. They even created a chart to track their progress. They pooled all their piggy banks, and Christmas money to kick off their savings. Since then, they have added birthday money, searched the house for loose change, and rolled coins from our coin jar. Most recently, they received a large contribution from Grandma and Grandpa. G+G, as the kids call them, have a giraffe bank where they deposit their loose change. Grandma took it to the bank for the kids. There was $75 there! With that latest addition, the kids are over 60% of their goal.
Would I buy a Wii for them if I could? Yes. If we had the money I probably would, but I am kind of glad that we aren't able to buy it. They are learning some valuable lessons. Some lessons that Tim and I should have learned long ago. They are learning about delayed gratification. They are saving with a goal in mind. They are working together. It may take awhile for them to reach the goal, but I know once they do they will really appreciate that Wii. I'm so proud of them!

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