Pineapple Jerky

Recently the nice folks at sent some Pineapple Jerky for us to try. It didn't last long. About as soon as my children could open up the package the yummy pineapple slices disappeared. Luckily, they did save me one to try.
This pineapple jerky is fabulous. It is not overly sweet like dried pineapple sometimes can be. It has the natural sweetness of the fruit, and a light honey glaze. As a bonus, it is made in the USA, and 100% natural. has a wide variety of meats including elk, turkey, ostrich, and flavors like hickory, spicy, and peppered. And talk about your unique jerky; Sasquatch Jerky?! What in the world?! Go and check it out for yourself.

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Pineapple Jerky + reviews