Yard Sale Shopping

The grass is green. The spring flowers are in bloom. The kids are wearing shorts, and I am on the look out for those lovely little signs that make my frugal heart jump a little with excitement; YARD SALE!

I love yard sales. It is like a treasure hunt. You don't know if you'll find anything, and often times you don't, but occasionally you will find that perfect thing, a rare gem, with a tiny little price tag. Yard sales can be very rewarding shopping. Here some things to help you get the most from yard sale shopping.

1. Make a list.
Write down the things you want to keep an eye out for. Do you need kitchen gadgets? Are there games you'd like to have? What clothing, winter and summer, do you need? Write down the clothing and shoe sizes for the family. Keep your list in your car or in your wallet so you will have it when you are out and about.

2. Keep cash ready.
Keep a separate small envelope or change purse stocked with small bills and quarters. If you don't normally carry your checkbook, like me, it may be a good idea to stash one check in there too, especially if you are looking for items that cost more than your cash stash. Keep the sale money in the car or in your purse.

3. Watch for sales.
Sales are often advertised in the newspaper, but sometimes are simply a sign in someones yard. You don't want to be running clear across town for every yard sale. Only make a special trip to a sale if there is a big item you're interested in. Be sure to go early! Keep your eye out for signs when you are out running anyway. Stop at the sales that catch your eye.

4. Neighborhood sales rock!
I try to go to as many neighborhood and town sales as possible. I love these! It is like a yard sale mall. I can get all the kids out and walk from house to house. I don't have to spend my time or gas running from sale to sale. Strollers are a must for these; not just for the kids, but for the found treasures!

5. Use restraint.
The point of going to yard sales is not to clutter up your own house. Only buy things you will use, no matter how good the price is!

Yard sale shopping can be a wonderful thing! What are your favorite tips to get the most out of yard sale shopping?

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