About Those Free Flowers

We have some wonderful neighbors. They are a family that lives about 3/4 of a mile from us. When I say family, I mean it in the extended sense of family. There are six houses. Sounds odd to most, I know, but it really is common in the country here.

They have helped us in so many ways, and are good honest, hard working people. All those free plants came from one house. She is not only thinning, but downsizing her beds. We probably didn't even take 1/4 of what she said we could have. There were iris', Japanese iris, two types of hostas, daisy, lily of the valley, and a couple others whose names are escaping me.

Mamaw and I split up the plants. I really had only one spot ready, but also planted around the back deck where I want to do some landscaping. I wish I had more beds ready. I would go get some more plants, but my focus is on vegetables right now.

Speaking of vegetables, some of the things I planted are coming up! It is so much fun. We have also acquired another garden spot. An unused spot at the same neighbors. We are so excited, as the spot by our house really wasn't big enough to accommodate enough corn and beans for canning and freezing. Do me a favor, at the end of the season, when I'm exhausted and whining about all the canning, remind me how excited I was about it back in May!

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