Create Digital Recipe Cards

I always love reviewing new recipe sites. Today I found Key Ingredient and spent a bit of time digging around and playing with the website. I like its search engine. It fits the way I cook. You just enter the ingredients you want to include and it pops up a list of recipes for you. There are other sites that allow you to do this, but you have to dig for that option on the other sites. On Key Ingredient that is the main option and is found top and center on the main page. Find Easy Recipes and lots of other categories of recipes.

Besides looking for recipes you can also create your own digital recipe collection. Your collection can be made from recipes already on the site, recipes at other web pages, and your own recipes. When you enter your own recipes you have the option of making them public, sharing them with friends, or keeping them private. The recipes are stored in neat little digital recipe cards like the one below I created. If you are a blogger, a widget is available to post the recipe card onto your blog.

This site has a lot to offer. I am still digging around and checking out the many features. It is one that I will be going back to.

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