Patio Furniture Touch Up

Last summer we picked up a patio set at a yard sale. It isn't the highest quality patio furniture, but it was in good shape and the price was right; a lot less than home theater seating. When we bought the furniture there were just a few small places that were showing a bit of rust. I intended to repaint the furniture last year, but never got to it.

This spring those few small places had grown and several more were starting; time to paint! I bought some Rustoleum paint like this

. I chose a color close to the original to make the painting easier, but you certainly could change the whole look of your furniture by choosing a different color.

First use a wire brush to remove any loose rust and paint. Wipe off the the chairs. Then cover the seat material or other areas you don't want paint on with newspaper and masking tape.

Paint in an open area. You'll want the ventilation and spray paint tends to get on more than you intend. It is easy to get runs in spray paint too. To prevent this don't get too close and keep the can moving. So easy, even a nine year old can do it!

We didn't do a perfect job, but the set looks much better, the rust spots are taken care of, and our yard sale patio furniture is all set to last us for many summers.

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Patio Furniture Touch Up + paper