Summer Carry In Favorites - TT #26

Summer is not even here yet, but the carry in picnic season is in full swing. I love this time of hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying the goodies that everyone has brought. Here are some of my favorites to bring the summer carry ins.

1. Pasta Salad
It is colorful, inexpensive, and delicious. It also holds up to the summer heat better than other favorites like potato salad.

2. Black Bean Salsa
This is a delicious combination of flavors. I usually tone it down a bit for carry ins by using one can tomatoes with chilies and one of just diced tomatoes. I made it like this for a function on Monday and someone (you know who you are) still said it was too hot. Geesh, just goes to show you can't please everyone!

3. Deviled Eggs
Give them a little zip by adding horseradish. Yes, they don't do well in the summer heat, but they never last long enough for that to really be a problem.

4. Baked Beans
Make them from scratch with a couple kinds of beans. I really should post my recipe.

5. Zucchini Strudel
A great way to use up all that zucchini, especially the ones you let get too big. No one will know it is zucchini, unless you tell them that is.

6. Veggie Tray
Keep the dip cold by putting it in a small bowl. Then fill a larger bowl with ice, and set the smaller bowl in the ice.

7. Spinach and Strawberry Salad
Especially good this time of year.

8. Garden Green Beans
Never better!

9. Sliced Garden Tomatoes
Those who don't grow tomatoes will thank you!

10. Fruit in a Watermelon Bowl
Use what is in season. It looks pretty and is refreshing.

11. Freezer Cucumbers
Cool as a cucumber can be.

12. Sugar Cookies
Can you believe I've listed eleven things with nothing sweet?!

13. Bread and Jam
Blackberry jam on homemade bread is always a hit!

Summer is almost here, so put away the down comforters, break out the picnic baskets, and enjoy! What are your favorite summer carry in dishes?

Thursday Thirteen

Apologies for the lateness of this post. We lost power this morning. It has been that kind of week.

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Summer Carry In Favorites - TT #26 + water