The Cost of Busyness

I am shocked at how the calendar is already filling up for the summer. June weekends are already all but gone! There are plenty of other things penciled in during the week too. July doesn't look quite so busy, but there is an out of state trip then, and the county fair.

Busy is good, to a point. I do find that I am more productive when I have a lot to do, but it is hard to find the line that crosses into too much to do. The last couple of weeks I've been over that line. There have been field trips, various appointments, picnics, and guests. Not to mention more outside work to tend to with gardens, and additional animals.

The busyness creeps up on me. I intend to live more simply with less busyness, ideally just going out to running once during the week. When I am too busy, and constantly running, it is hard on us all. I'm grumpy, the kids are grumpy, and there is a lot more bickering. I've also noticed that our budget and finances suffer too.

The most obvious place that suffers when we are so busy is the gas budget. At these gas prices, it makes a noticeable impact on the budget when I am running a lot. Wednesday when I filled my tank, it cost $50!

There are other more subtle costs to busyness. The biggest is food. When life is calmer, I will pack a lunch for the day we are out running errands. When life is busy, lunch is a trip through the drive through, or something convenient picked up at the grocery story. That adds up quick, especially when there are five (me & the kids, Tim is at work) of us, and it happens on multiple days.

It isn't just lunches that suffer, dinners do too. When life is chaotic, I tend to reach for the more convenient options at the store. I don't feel like cooking, and want meals to be easy. Though this hasn't happened for awhile, when life is really hectic, it is too easy to have Tim pick up something on the way home from work.

My record keeping suffers too. The paperwork piles. I don't get to entering the receipts, and paying the bills. I am embarrassed to admit that in the last few weeks, we have gone in to our Overdraft Protection, twice, for the simply reason that I did not have my paperwork caught up. That cost us $20 in fees! Not keeping up with the paperwork can also cost in late payments when bills don't get paid on time.

There is a cost to busyness. It takes its toll on us emotionally, and financially. Frugality does take time. So, what to do about my quickly filling calendar? Prioritize. We can't do it all. I'm looking at a particular week now. We will be out of town over the weekend, and the following week has a meeting, field trip, and a play date penciled in. Something has to go. I can't afford the cost of busyness.


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