Why Eat Wild Foods?

Yesterday, I was searching for a recipe, and came across another great site dedicated to wild foods. What recipe was I searching for? Well, I can't tell you, that would ruin the surprise for my challenge week Make It From Scratch entry. That, and if I back out of the idea, you will never know!

Anyway, the site is Prodigal Gardens, and she has so much great information. It looks like she is still adding to it too. She has her plants organized alphabetically, but also by the month she harvests them. That is a huge help to those who are new to wild foods. She does live in the Upper Midwest so you would need to adjust for your growing zone. She has an interesting background, and is very knowledgeable about the medicinal and nutritional values of wild plants.

My favorite part on her site though is Why Eat Wild Foods? I couldn't agree more! Check out this great site!

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