Anyone still there?

So sorry to drop off the blogsphere like that. We've been busy. The weather has finally dried up, and we've been scrambling to catch up with the garden and various other outside projects in between work, having guests, and running kids to camp. Ah, summer....
Parts of the garden plants look wonderful. Other parts, well not so great.... I guess that is how it is every year. Different plants flourishing in different years depending on the weather and other circumstances.
The newest thing on our garden horizon is corn gluten meal. I happened upon this when I was searching for something else. The corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn starch production. It is used in animal feed mostly, but has been found to be a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning that it stops seeds from sprouting. It also acts as a fertilizer. So once your plants are established spreading the corn gluten meal will help your plants to grow and prevent weeds from growing. One of the places I read about this product even states that the organic version of a popular name brand pre-emergent is nothing but corn gluten meal.
The feed store we normally use does carry it, but it is in a pelleted form. We are not sure how well that will work for the purpose we intend it for. The lady at the feed store thought my mom was nuts when she said we planned to use it on our garden. The plan is to check a couple other area feed stores. If they all sell it in pellets, we'll just give it a try that way.
Is you summer crazy busy too? How are your gardens doing? Have any of you used corn gluten meal in your gardens?

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