Building Castles in The Sand

On vacation, all Lydia wanted to do was play in the sand. Sandcastles were on her mind. And build she did. Every time we were at the beach, she could be found digging and building. She had fun, even if the castles didn't always hold up.

Now we can build them on the computer. These e-cards make it easy for a five year old to build virtual sandcastles anytime she wants to. Simply pick the background, and start building. There are several different types of building blocks. Click what you want and drag it into place. Then add color, line up the pieces, move them again, and even pour water on them. After the castle is built, add accessories; flags, toys, seashells and more are available. Save the castle. Make it your wallpaper or send it to a friend. It is easy and simple. It is fun too!

It may be awhile until we get to back to a real beach, but until then, we can dream of sea and sand and build our virtual castles in the sand.

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Building Castles in The Sand + water