Cherry Cobbler

The other day Tim brought home a bag of cherries that a co-worker gave him. The thought of a cherry pie made with fresh home grown cherries cooling in my window made me very happy. Then I started pitting all those cherries.

Pitting that bag of cherries gave a whole new perspective to the saying, "Life is a bowl of cherries." Pitting cherries, like life sometimes, was messy work. After about 1/4 of the bag was done I decided I didn't have enough energy for a pie crust and looked up a cobbler recipe. After 1/2 the bag was done I decided I would make a drop biscuit topping instead of rolling out the dough. About 3/4 of the way through I decided when we plant the orchard there will be no cherry trees.

Thankfully the cobbler turned out to be delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I only cringed ever so slightly at the thought of pitting more cherries when Tim walked through the door with another bag last night. I even think a cherry tree might be nice in the orchard. But I am buying a cherry pitter if I ever have my own tree!

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Cherry Cobbler + work