Hot Weather Camping Menu

Some of you asked to see our camping menu for the week. You'll find it below. You could make a less expensive menu, but we aim for a combination of frugal and convenient. For hot weather, generally, we cook large breakfasts, have lighter lunches, and cook easier meals for dinner. You'll notice a lot of fruit on the menu. That is to help keep us hydrated and fruit just tastes so good when it is hot. The forecast is low 90's for the week.

A few other things we keep in mind as we plan a menu: Use the most perishable items first. Aim for portable lunches so we can do things away from camp during the day. Easy or pre-made meals are a must for the day you get there and the day you leave. Unpacking and packing create enough chaos without having to worry about cooking a meal for you tired and hot family.

B - at home
L - on the road. Packing pepperoni rolls and other snacks.
D- Antipasto, rolls, fruit

B - yogurt & cereal
L - steaks, grilled chicken, potato salad, veggies and dip, peanut butter chocolate cake, (note: this would normally be dinner but we are having lunch guests)
D- fruit and leftovers from Saturday and Sunday

B- sausage links, eggs, bagels,
L- spinach pie, chicken mandarin salad
D - hamburgers, chips, fruit

B - French toast, bacon,
L - tuna salad pitas, veggies and fruit
D - tacos, tortilla chips

B- potato pancakes, eggs, fruit
L- salad bar, fruit
D - hot dogs, chips, cookies

B- pancakes, Canadian bacon
L- tortilla wraps, stuffed celery, fruit
D- salmon patties, pasta salad, corn on the cob (will purchase there)

B- eggs, hash browns, leftover meats
L- leftovers
D - leftovers, or a trip to town for pizza

B- cereal, yogurt
L - on the road

s'mores, chips, crackers, peanut butter, breakfast bars, dried fruit

Make Ahead
antipasto, rolls, potato salad, spinach pie, grilled chicken strips for salad, taco meat, pancake mix, pasta for pasta salad, brownies, cookies

ice tea, lemonade, juice, water

Taking frozen
all uncooked meats, milk, drinking water, taco meat

I would love to see your menus or hear your tips and suggestions, well when I get back anyway. Feel free to leave them in comments, or if you do your own post leave the link for us all to check out!

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Hot Weather Camping Menu + water