Police CD hits

The Police CD compilation hit stores earlier this month. As I reported in I Got It, I won this CD set from PayPerPost. Included in the disc set was a cool vintage poster. I am not sure the posters are all the same, but mine is from 1979. "The Police Raid Madam Wong's!!" The band members look so young. I guess I hadn't forgotten the Police went so far back. 1979, I was eight years old. The same age as my oldest son, funny. Funny too, Sting isn't in the central spot as he is in the current promotional materials. I guess his later success earned him that center spotlight.

They of course, had a lot of hits I remember well from the 80's. We have been listening to the disks ever since they arrived. Brings back lots of memories. My kids are even enjoying some of the songs. A list of the songs can be found here. This is a TV spot that is currently running in the UK.

My husband was telling me how much he like the Police when he was growing up. He remembers when his dad got the Synchronicity I album. He said they played it over and over again. Any of those songs clips bring back memories for you? Share them!

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