The Best Graduation Gift

Graduation gifts always stump me. I'm never quite sure the best way to go. Cash seems to be the most popular route, but I hate to go that way. I feel with a little creativity I can give a better gift for the same amount of money. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, or baby showers are no problem. I can come up with a basket full of goodies within my budget easily. Give me a graduation invitation and I just don't know what to do.

Last weekend we went to a graduation party. I felt like all my creativity for the week was tapped. It was kind of last minute, and my time was also tapped out. Reluctantly we gave cash, but I started thinking about the different graduation presents I've given and seen over the years. Then I remembered a graduation present I received when I graduated from high school.

I graduated a long time ago, yet there is one gift that I still use today. In fact it is sitting on my dresser right now. It is a sewing kit. Back then I might not have thought it was the best gift I received, but right now it is one of the few gifts I can specifically remember. That, and the fact that I still use it, makes it the best gift ever.

The sewing kit was given by my friend Sarah. I wonder if she still remembers it? She took a small Rubbermaid box. It is about 10x6x6. Since I've added to it over the years, I am guessing at the original contents, but it was basic mending items. There were needles, a variety of thread, scissors, safety pins, straight pins, a pincushion, and a tape measure. Just what you need to put a button back on or fix a small torn seam. It was a thoughtful and practical gift.

So I am wondering.... What are the best graduation gifts you've given, seen or received?

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