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Venison is not a meat that I grew up with, but in the past two years have greatly enjoyed. Learning to cook venison has been and continues to be a process. It is a very lean meat that gets dry and tough quickly. We have quite a bit in the freezer so venison is on the menu a lot, but we don't get tired of it.

Steaks are easy. Throw them on a hot grill and cook to medium-rare. YUM! But roasts have taken a little more practice. We've eaten a lot of tough dry meat, but I'm finally getting more consistent at cooking the roasts right.

Here is a basic recipe for cooking a venison roast. It can be varied by simply changing the liquid, the spices, and adding herbs and or vegetables to get a completely different flavor.

The last time I made a roast I used deer broth for the liquid, peppercorns for spice, and I added chopped green onions and garlic from the garden. It turned out well, but the dish made from the leftovers was even better.

Be sure to save the liquid and the leftover meat. Use them to make a stew or a casserole. Using the leftovers from the combination above I made a rice dish. I cut up the leftover meat into bite size pieces and returned them to the pot. I brought it all to a boil and added 2 C rice and a little salt. I simmered it until the rice was done.

Cooking the same kind of meat frequently does not have to mean lots of repeats on the menu. Though I've used the example of a venison roast, this really applies to all types of meat. Find the technique that works best for the meat, and then change things up with the spices and other ingredients you use. Pair the flavors you've chosen with sides to match and you'll keep everyone interested in dinner, even if you are continually serving the same basic item.

I've really come to enjoy venison. I think even when we are old and gray, well I'm already gray, but not old, and on medicare insurance we'll be enjoying our venison.

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