Finding Beauty in the Practical

Once upon a time I was a flower gardener. I transplanted perennials from neighbors and friends, and bought annuals by the flat. I weeded, mulched, and dead headed while enjoying the brilliant colors of my flower beds.

Those days are gone, or at least put on hold for some time. Now, I have exactly one flower bed. It is full of perennials my sister in law needed to thin. Thanks Delilah! It is also full of weeds. *sigh*

In the long list of things I'd like to do, and need to do, flower gardens do not make it to the top priorities. My summer time is consumed with growing and processing food for the family. I'm not complaining. I enjoy vegetable gardening, and I have chosen to find the beauty in my practical gardens.

Of course the true beauty of the plants I grow is the food they provide. They may not be as showy as flower garden plants, but vegetable plants have their own beauty. It is more subtle, and sometimes a little hidden, but is there none the less.

A sweet little baby.

Delicate beauties.

A little more showy.

A fence covered in vine and blooms.

Okra in bloom.

The promise of fall color.

Wild Beauties.

Future Eggplant.

The Showboats.

You won't find impatiens, pansies, or geraniums in my gardens any longer. The few marigolds that can be found are there to help keep insects away. There isn't much time for plants that do not serve a practical purpose. My gardens may not be full of brilliant colors, but they are full of beauty. A beauty that I very much appreciate.

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