Garden Surprises

Not all the surprises in my gardens this year have been pleasant. There has been hot dry weather. There have been bugs, but there also have been many good surprises. Plants growing well in dirt we thought was poor, and plants we didn't even plant, thriving and producing.

In my gardens this year, I allowed some volunteers to stay and grow. And grow they did, thriving where the found themselves, by chance. Some were obviously tomatoes, though I was unsure what kind. I now know they are cherry tomatoes. They are almost ready to eat. I can't wait.

Two others I've posted about before, I had guessed were zucchinis, then found pumpkins, and assumed both plants were pumpkins because they the leaves look alike. I was a bit disappointed they were pumpkins, because I had already planted plenty of pumpkin, but figured I'd find a way to use them.

Then I noticed the other day that some of them were getting pointed ends instead of rounded ends. What does this look like to you?

It sure looks like acorn squash to me. I am so happy to have it. It is one of my favorites, but we didn't plant any this year!

In the early summer two more volunteers came up, different from the rest. They were also vining, but the leaves were more delicate than the others. I didn't know what they were, but they were in convenient places, so I left them. The one has grown up the fence where the peas have died off. Then I saw it, a small striped fruit:

Watermelon! Another favorite which did not make it into the garden plan. What a pleasant surprise!

Sometimes the best things in life are the things you aren't expecting. They are the things you don't work for, and don't plan for. They thrive. They grow. They produce fruit.

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