I Don't Want to Be Rich

There is a prevailing sentiment in this country that if you made more money you'd be happier. More is better right? If you make more, then you can have more, life will be easier and then you will finally be happy. Why do we believe this lie?

Sure I would like to be able to pay off my debts, and then live debt free, with a little breathing room in the budget, but that doesn't mean that I want to be rich. Do I need to buy more stuff? Why would I want to be rich?

According to the article, "The rich aren't that happy after all," The rich spend more time working, running, and worrying, and are not any more likely than those with lower incomes to be satisfied with their lives. This report, " Youth Activities, Income and Substance Abuse" shows similar rates of drug abuse among youth 12- 17 regardless of income level. Perhaps the one difference here is that the rich may be better able to send their child for drug rehab than the poor.

Would I like to be rich? No thanks. I'll pass. A simple life, and pleasure in simple things that is how I want to live.


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