I'm a Frugal Subversive

Mel at Bean Sprouts has honored me with a Frugal Subversive award. What does that mean? Well I wasn't sure either at first. The award founder described it like this:
bloggers who consistently turn their backs on consumerism to live frugally in a creative and authentic way. These bloggers have made me think in innovative ways about my own life and how I can make a difference making, reusing, and just saying "no" to mindless spending.
I like it! Thanks Mel for thinking of me! Now, it is my turn to pass the award on to three other bloggers.

Unplugging the Stuff Machine
Becca is committed to reducing her consumerism. She is full of creative energy, almost always using vintage or recycled materials.

Happy Hearts at Home
Alexandra has a little bit of everything at her blog. She makes a lot of her own cleaning supplies. has tried several homemade beauty items, and homeschools on a shoe string. She also eats weeds, so you know she has a special place in my heart!

Frugal for Life
Dawn combines personal finance, simple living, green living and frugality all in one blog. They are all interrelated and I love her approach to it. She offers a lot of food for thought.

To see the guidelines, or find out more about this visit, Down-to-Earth.

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