Maybe I'm Just Cheap

Tuesday was the last meeting of the year of an organization that Kellen (9) is involved in. The last meeting is a party of sorts. This year it was at a local recreation center that had swimming, a water slide, boats, and several other activities. The organization paid for our family and we brought along two cousins. We had a great day playing in the water!

The group also fed everyone pizza, chips, and pop. A perfect crowd pleasure when a bunch of kids are on hand, and there was plenty. In fact, there was too much. When feeding a group it is always better to have too much than to run out. I don't fault anyone for having extra after a party.

This is a good group of people and I hate to be critical, but I am shocked by how they waste food. We were one of the last to leave and we helped clean up. There were three whole pizzas left. The other ladies just wanted to throw them away. You know I couldn't stand by for that. The pizzas went in my vehicle. They also were going to throw away all the 2 liters of pop and chips that had been opened. We took those home too. That night we had an easy and free dinner.

This is not the first time that this type of thing has happened with this group. I'm always the one taking what is left. They always give me what Tim and I call the head tilt. You know they look at you funny like that don't quite understand you. Maybe I'm just cheap, but I can't stand to see perfectly good food thrown out. (Actually I'm so well trained to compost and feed the chickens the scraps that I even get a small twitch when scraps are thrown in the trash.)

Yes, I bargain shop. I hunt for the best buy. I gladly take hand me downs, and I can't stand to throw away food. Maybe that makes me different, or perhaps it does go over the line to cheap, but I'm alright with that.

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