Need Coffee

We pulled into Heather's about 12:15 AM today. I am whooped! Thankfully she had a full pot of coffee waiting when we got out of bed this morning. I needed it!

For years I liked coffee, but rarely drank it. When I was teaching I began to drink it regularly. When I stopped working to stay home with the kids, I started making it daily at home. I will drink a pot of day my self. I make it half decaf and tell myself I'm not addicted to caffeine!

I love coffee in any form. I like expresso made with Nespresso machines. I like the sugary flavored coffee. I like it black. In the summer I will drink my coffee hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon. I like coffee ice cream, and other coffee flavored items. I love putting coffee in Magic Milkshakes! Yum! A laid back kind of day is planned today. As some of you commented in a previous post, it is good to get away, and have a change of pace. Even a coffee fueled change of pace.

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Need Coffee + work