Places to Go

My parents have been planning to take my two oldest children and my niece and nephew to Kings Island for sometime now. A group from our church is going this weekend for a music festival. Yesterday, out of the blue, my dad asks me if I want to go instead of him. Hmmm let me think....stay home with two toddlers or get away for a weekend of fun, some of my favorite bands, and thrill. We are leaving this afternoon.

Of course after I said yes I started thinking, and realized that I haven't been on a roller coaster in a very long time. Kellen, of course has done a very thorough investigation online of all the coasters. He starts telling me about how fast, how high, and how many loops they make, and I wonder if I really got the better end of this deal. No matter, we will have fun.

Here are some virtual festivals and carnivals for you to enjoy while I enjoy the thrills of the amusement park and the music festival there this weekend.

Make It From Scratch
Homesteading Carnival
Dirty Fingers - a gardening carnival.
Carnival of the Recipes
Frugal Food Part Five - Chicken

I'm off to finish packing and try to get a few things done before I go! Have a great weekend. After all the coasters I may wish I'd just played a playstation 3 instead, but I doubt it!

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