Resourceful West Virginians

If there is one thing I can say about the people of West Virginia, especially the country folk, is that they are resourceful. Our neighbor is a master at buying things cheap and selling them for a profit. You don't have to look far to see some item that has been repurposed. In fact you can probably find something at almost every house on the ridge we live on. I like to read books written about local history here. Times weren't always good, but it made people resourceful. I guess you could say it is a traditional way of life here.

The an interesting example of resourcefulness I've recently heard about has to do with Papaw's boss. He is a wheeler dealer, always finding ways to get things done cheaply. He and his wife decided that they wanted to build a new home. Not just any home, but a big luxury home. They also didn't want to stick it with in ten feet of the neighbors in a subdivision. The wanted some land. How could they get both?

Not too far from us there was an older couple whose house and outbuildings were getting rundown, and they were no longer able to care for the property, about 100 acres I believe. They were interested in selling.

In comes Papaw's boss to make a deal. He bought the land, but the payment was creative. He built the older couple a small, but nice home. We aren't sure, but believe that building the home was an even trade for the land. The couple have a life long lease on the house. They pay no rent. Papaw's boss maintains the property, and is building his home up the hill, out of sight of the couple's home. It is his property, and when the couple no longer needs the house he will have their house as a rental unit too.

Both parties seemed to be very pleased with the arrangement. The boss got a nice piece of property on which to build his new home. It has been reported that the older couple is thrilled with the deal. They have a nice house to live in on their home property, rent free for the rest of their lives, and they do not have to do all the work to keep the place up.

Now that is resourceful!

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