Summer Debt Disappointment

In my grand plan of paying off our debts with money earned online, I forgot to figure the dip our income takes in the summer. My husband works mostly with band teachers, so school being out means less hours and less commission. Combine that with increased summer expenses of travel and visiting, and the money earned since Over $300 Earned Online, has not gone to debt, or even to our savings. It has gone to keep our monthly bills caught up.

Since that last post, we have earned over $200 online. Here is a rough breakdown:

Freelancing - $15
Direct advertising $125
PayPerPost - $55
Ebay - $20
Payu2blog - $20

Get Paid Money to Blog

is a new one. I just started blogging for them a few weeks ago. Click on the graphic for more details, but in a nutshell you are assigned a keyword and a link. You must use them once in a post. There is a sixty word minimum, but you can use the keyword in just about any context you'd like. You must take all assignments, but you can pick some preferences to help get things that are a better fit for you and your blog. Most I have been able to work into things I would normally post about. A couple, like poker tables, have pushed my creativity. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

Each post is worth $5. You are paid every other week via Pay Pal. The work is steady with this company. I started at the end of the last pay period. I've only been paid $20 so far, but have earned $70 in the current pay period already with posts here and on Tim's blog.

It is a little frustrating and disappointing to steadily be earning extra income, but be unable to use it for its intended purpose. I love reporting that we are making strides in our debt reduction, but I'm keeping it real here. I can say though, that I'm thankful to have that extra income and though progress on the debt has slowed, we have not moved backwards. We have not added to it, and sometimes that is about as much as you can do to become debt free.

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