The ABC's of Money - Carnival of Money Stories #70

We all have stories about dealing with money. Some of our stories are of success, and others are learning experiences. Our stories deal with a wide variety of topics, everything from A to Z.

A is for Automobile
Automobiles cost us any many ways, but this story is something a little different. Check it out at Sure, We?ll Pay You for Not Delivering the Car? posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

B is for Blackberry
It is hard to not want the latest and greatest, especially when it s right in front of you.
Keeping up with the Jones? at Home (AKA Blackberry Envy) is posted at

C is for Clothing
Help your clothes last longer while saving money: Air Drying Clothes: Dry Clothes Absolutely Free! posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

D is for Diapers
Choosing cloth diapers isn't just about saving money or saving the earth, they are just better. Celebrate Independence From Disposable Diapers is posted at not the jet set.

E is for Entrepreneurship
Be your own boss! How to Turn a Photography Hobby into a Business posted at Free Money Finance.

F is for French
Going Back to School… French Style is the story of an American in France, posted at Almost Frugal.

G for Green
I firmly believe that frugality and green go hand in hand. Find 13 Ways to Be Green and Save your Green ($$) posted at The Q Family Adventure.

H is for Home Sweet Home
A few touches here and there make a house a home. They also increase its value. Find one family's story at Increase the Value of Your Home With a Few Simple, Affordable Changes posted at The Digerati Life.

I for India
Financial Wisdom From India is a thoughtful post taken from the author's observations while traveling in India. Posted at The Shark Investor.

J is for in a Jam
When a loved one is in a financial jam, it may become a problem for you too. Dealing With Financial Problems With A Loved One posted at Free From Broke gives some ideas to help.

K is for Kansas City
Fly Like an Eagle: My Not-So-Frugal Trip to Kansas City | Uncommon Cents posted at Uncommon Cents laments the outrageous cost of airport food.

L is for Life Lessons
All I Ever Needed to Know About Money I Learned Playing Golf posted at Trees Full of Money, shares the story of how the best learning sometimes comes from our life experiences, not the classes we take or books we read.

M is for Medical
A mid year update of one family's experience with their HSA. Mid-Year Update on My Health Savings Account (HSA)-How is it working? | Think Your Way to Wealth posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.

N is for the News
Know Your Financial News Sources: Where?s Oil?s Drop? posted at No Debt Plan reminds us to be observant of the source of our information.

O is for Ooops!
Return of the Poor Student shares the story of another blogger who learned the hard way. Posted at Broke Grad Student.

P is Price
Stop Using Credit Cards because they raise the price for everyone. Posted at Phil for Humanity.

Q is for Quitting
Would you like to quit your job? This author did! I Quit! is posted at My Dollar Plan.

R is for Real Estate
Buying a home can be quite the adventure. Homebuying, part 1. posted at Full-Grown Single starts a series of posts on the author's experience purchasing their first home.

S is for Service
A Personal Thank You to Great Customer Service out There. is posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, "Two beautiful instances of GREAT customer service from online shopping - can you believe it? GOOD customer service;)"

T is for Travel
"Learn how you can stay at a Marriott for almost nothing," at How to Get a Marriott Hotel Discount posted at FAC Travel Blog.

U is for the United Kingdom
London on a Budget shares an insider's tips on visiting the city. Pposted at Value For Your Life.

V is for Value
Cost isn't the only consideration when making a purchase. Cost versus Comfort is posted at LivingAlmostLarge, saying, "How I chose a mattress...cost or comfort."

W for Wii
Some purchases give us unexpected results. Our Wii has changed our lives is posted at Gather Little By Little.

X is for eXperience
Advice for New Entrepreneurs: So You Think You Can Sell Banana Peelers? | Personal Finance Analyst gives you advice from someone who Personal Finance Analyst.

Y is for Your friends
Do your friends cost you money? Lame Things That Your Friends Do That Cost You Money: Part I is posted at Breaking Even, Inc..

Z is for Zoo, Zebra, and Zoom
Do you have any money stories about these?

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