The Simple Life Isn't Always so Simple

I think I have a romanticized vision of the simple life. When I think of the simple life, I imagine myself strolling through my gardens, leisurely tending the weeds and harvest. I think of a slow pace feeding animals, playing with and teaching my children. There is a lots of time for reflection and relaxation. Is this the picture you have?

Well, let me tell you it isn't reality or I don't have a simple life. I recently wrote to a friend that I feel like I've just traded one crazy life for another. Life is just busy regardless of whether I live in 100 Acres of Woods or in the city. It is just a different kind of busy.

The blackberries are done. They stopped producing at least two weeks earlier than last year. When they were producing, they did not produce nearly as much this year either. I had big plans for jams, shrub, and other things. I didn't even scratch the surface of the plans, and deep down I'm relieved.

All summer I've felt like I'm treading water, just keeping my head above the piling demands of kids, animals, and gardens. The beans are producing like crazy. Last count; 44 quarts canned or frozen, and that is just at my house. I'm not sure how many Mamaw has done, and I'm not counting the full paper bag of them in my refrigerator that were picked last night. I'm grateful for the bounty, I really am, but they take time. I guess cleaning beans is my time for relaxation and reflection! *grin*

I see the tomatoes just starting to come on, the wild apples and pears beginning to ripen, and wonder how I will add them to the mix of things I need to do. It will get done, I know, somehow.

This life is great. I love it, really I do. I'm just tired, and feel like I'm just holding my own. Then a week like this week comes, and I feel buried. We are going out of town this weekend for a family wedding, to see a new baby in the family and to visit with family and friends. I'm looking forward to it, but adding packing and making sure the gardens, house and animals are in order for the weekend has worn me out. Maybe I need some muscle milk to help keep me going.

And yes, here I sit whining. I should be cleaning my house, packing, cleaning beans or another of the many things that I need to do before we leave tonight. And I am going to, but before I go, I wanted to let you know if I haven't been participating much at your blog be patient with me, I'll be more active in the fall, and I will be gone this weekend so posting will probably be light. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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The Simple Life Isn't Always so Simple + wild foods