Fake Boulders

I love the look of rocks, small or large, in landscaping. It adds interest and gives the landscaping a more natural feel. We have access to lots of natural rock of all sizes, and the equipment to move them. Getting rocks for our landscaping is not an issue.

I guess if you didn't have an excavator to dig with, or a lot of woods to dig in, finding large landscaping rocks could be a costly endeavor. The rocks themselves can be expensive. They are very heavy. You have to consider if the equipment necessary to move them can maneuver in your yard space.

Your alternative? Fake rocks from someplace like the Artificial Rocks Factory. These do look realistic. They are cheaper than real rocks and ship anywhere in the U.S. for $50. They are hollow inside, so they can be used to conceal items like the septic pipe or cable boxes. I can't do that with the rocks from my woods. Do note however, that they are handcrafted so the interior dimensions of each rock are different.

If you do not have access to free natural stone, but want the look of stone in your landscaping projects, these fake stones may be an economical alternative.

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