If I had a hot tub...

Once upon a very long time ago, when I was in college, my parents had a hot tub. Funny how they put in a hot tub after I left for college. My dad made the hot tub out of a water tank. It had its glitches, but it was huge and set in the ground. He finished it off with stone and it was nestled in a corner among the trees. It was a very relaxing place to be.

The last time I was in a hot tub was on vacation a couple of years ago. While the hot tub itself was relaxing, the view was less than inspiring. You could look at the pool that still had its winter cover on, the white fence, or the underside of the hot tub cover.

If I had a hot tub, I'd want to put it someplace with a view. If I didn't have a view, I'd at least want to create one with some spa accessories. I'd want my hot tub to be a little get away spot where I could at least pretend to be in a tropical location, instead of looking at the back of a fence or the underside of a hot tub cover.

If I had a hot tub.......

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If I had a hot tub... + water