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What?! Where can I sell them?

Well I posted this about 4:30:
I've listed some of my small sized diapers and wraps on Ebay. You can see them by looking at items for sale by stkappleto. And if you are wondering, selling the diapers is my way of admitting that we are done having children; barring some unforeseen dramatic change of heart or intervention. Can you tell I am still having a hard time committing to no more babies 100%? *sniff, sniff* At the time I already had bids on two items. Then about 5:15 I went to check on them again. My listings were disappearing. What is going on? My alerts informed me that it is a violation of eBay used clothing policy to sell used cloth diapers or wraps. UGH! I spent most of my afternoon on those listings! Does anyone know I a place I can sell them? They are far from perfect condition, but are too good to just toss. Help!

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What?! Where can I sell them? + make money on the web