A New Clothes Pin Bag

I love drying my clothes on the line. I love getting out of the house for a few minutes of peace and quiet to complete a simple task in the sunshine. I love the stiffness of laundry dried on the line, and the super absorbency of the towels. In the summer my drier is hardly used. In the winter I still put clothes on the line on sunny days. My line, pins and bag get a lot of use.

My first clothes pin bag was purchased at the store. It did not pass the test. My next bag was a temporary fix, involving a plastic shopping bag that I have been using and replacing periodically for almost a year. I thought it might be time for something a little more lasting.

Do you recognize my new bag? You may have seen a similar bag from a recent Make it From Scratch carnival. It is a crocheted clothes pin bag made from plastic shopping bags. No, I didn't suddenly learn how to crochet, but if you would like the free how to, click on the link above.

This bag was special made for me by Cindy at My Recyled Bags. If you are not familiar with this site, Cindy creates lovely and functional items using recycled materials. Some of the materials may surprise you. If you are skilled in the yarn arts, she provides patterns and instructions free so you can create your own items at home. For those of you like me, yarn challenged, her items can be purchased. She has some stock, but takes special orders also. This bag runs around $17.

Thanks so much to Cindy for this wonderful bag. It will make one of my favorite household tasks that much more enjoyable!

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