A Stretched Chicken

For the last week I have telling you how we have stretched the meat from one whole chicken to make our meals. Our final meal from this chicken was hot chicken sandwiches. I made a chicken gravy and served it over bread and mashed potatoes. YUMMY! That used up the last of the chicken. Here is a summary of the meals that came from that chicken.

The chicken cost $2.37 at Aldi. Our family has two adults, one school age child and two preschoolers for meals. A total of 5 meals were made with the chicken. Clicking on the link will take you to the recipe for each meal.

First meal was Enchilada Casserole. This was enough for two meals.
Then Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Soup with wild mushrooms. This was my favorite by far!
And Chicken Stir Fried Rice.
Finally, Hot Chicken Sandwiches.

Chicken is pretty versatile so, we really didn't tire of eating it all week. If you didn't want to eat chicken for the whole week or your family is smaller than mine, you could freeze the cooked meat in portion sizes for later use.

I'd say five meals for a family from one $2.37 chicken is money well spent. I have used whole chickens before, but never really stretched other meats. As reader Kathleen Marie suggested this could also be done with roasts and turkeys. Using meat in this way is a great way to cut your meat intake and also your grocery budget!

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A Stretched Chicken + soup