A Weekend Get Away?

Every year Tim and I talk about a small get away for our anniversary and every year our anniversary comes and goes with out a get away. With Tim working crazy hours lately, September is his busiest month of the year, I've been thinking we really need a get away,. Our anniversary isn't for over three months. Maybe we should go sooner, but where?

Of course I want somewhere inexpensive, and somewhere fairly close. I like the idea of a cabin or somewhere that allows you to cook. They may run a little higher per night, but the savings in being able to cook and not go out to eat, more than makes up that difference. Pigeon Forge cabin rental look nice, though they may be a tad farther than I'd like to for a weekend. There is always Amish country in Ohio, but somehow going back to where we grew up seems anti climatic. The cabins in our state parks don't look bad either. Hmmm so many choices. Do you have any recommendations within about a 4 hour radius of Huntington WV? Or any ideas on how to make a cheap get away?

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A Weekend Get Away? + work