All those shopping bags

When we lived in the city we had curbside recycling. You simply placed your recyclables in a blue bag and set it out with your trash. Conveniently, many of the stores used blue plastic bags. So, I recycled my shopping bags for my recycling.

Then we moved. There is no curbside recycling. I actually haven't figured out how to recycle here, but for some reason I couldn't stop saving those shopping bags. Without using them for recycling, I soon had a huge pile of bags. I needed to find some uses for them or throw them in the trash. Here is what I came up with.

Reuse them at Aldi.

Keep a few in the diaper bag. They are great for stinky diapers if I am using disposable or they serve as a backup if my washable bag for cloth diapers gets full, and with two in diapers that happens frequently.

Use them as trash can liners in smaller trash cans.

I keep a few in my baby carrier backpack. These are for unexpected foraging finds.

I know none of these tips are earth shattering. They really don't save me much money, but I like the idea of reusing them. It works for me. Now if I could figure out where to recycle the rest of the stuff!

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All those shopping bags + work