Breakfast for Dinner

I know this is not new to many of you, but it is one of my favorite frugal dinner tips, and thought it could stand repeating. Trim your grocery budget by incorporating breakfast type meals into your dinner menus.

My children think it is the biggest treat to have breakfast for dinner. They get so excited when I tell them we are have pancakes for dinner. You'd think I was serving ice cream. The reaction isn't quite as strong for eggs and potatoes, but they still think it is fun to have mixed up meals. (If you are wondering about the difference in eggs, the darker yolk is from our chicken the other egg is store bought.) Some of our favorite breakfasts for dinner are pancakes, French toast, and sausage gravy with eggs and potatoes.

Breakfast foods, on the whole are less expensive than traditional dinner foods. Meat normally is the most expensive part of your meal. Many breakfasts do not need to include meat, and if you do choose to include meat, it is served as a side, not the main dish, helping to keep your meal cost down.

The family loves breakfast for dinner. I love that something frugal and easy is such a hit with them. Make dinner more fun, and save yourself some money by incorporating breakfast meals into you dinner menus.

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