Customer Service Pet Peeve

I've been doing a little mystery shopping lately, and it has been fun. I've worked in so many jobs requiring customer interaction, that I just naturally evaluate the service I receive when shopping or dining. It is kind of nice to get paid a little something for it now.

I am not overly critical of employees. I try to take into account if they are busy or other circumstances. I've been there. I remember what it was like to get your section slammed while waiting tables, or to have to deal with a grumpy customer while a line of other customers are steadily becoming grumpy. It happens, but there is one thing I can not stand, ever.

I can't stand when employees are having their own conversation when they are supposed to be providing service to me. You know the scenario. You walk up to the reception desks at a local business and the employees are chatting. Employee one looks at you, says hi, starts your transaction, and then turns to employee two to continue the chat. Meanwhile you are standing there twiddling your thumbs listening about employee two's troubles with her boyfriend. Or better yet, they are complaining about their supervisor or the new rule at work. It drives me nuts!

Am I the only one? Does it bother you when employees are chatting while waiting on you? What are your pet peeves about customer service?

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