Festival of Frugality #38

This weeks Festival is hosted by Queercents. Here are the ones I am reading, but go check for yourself!

Free Krispie Kremes, Oh I wish I would have know about this when we lived less than a mile from a Krispie Kreme, well on second thought maybe it is a good thing I didn't!:)

Eating less or no meat This is something I have been doing. No not becoming a vegetarian, but reducing the cost meat in our budget. A lot of the reasons listed are just a bit too much for me. I am mostly concerned about the cost and the health reasons. I think many of the health reasons would be reduced by some of the things I have been thinking about, but I am not sure that Penny Nickel would approve of my ideas. (future post hint hint!)

This article is interesting. It talks about how the rich spend their money. You might be surprised.

Ways to Sell Your Junk gives a nice overview of some options for clearing out your clutter.

Enjoy learning frugal tips!

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Festival of Frugality #38 + things