Garden Odds and Ends = Gumbo

Often when picking from the garden there just isn't quite enough to can or freeze, and I find myself with a little of this and a little of that. These odds and ends are sometimes just munched on for snacks, and sometimes put together for a stir fry. This year, though, we have okra, and those odds and ends were just begging to be turned in gumbo.

I've never made gumbo before, so I looked for a recipe. I found this chicken gumbo recipe at Recipezaar. What I made was very loosely based on that recipe.

I toned the spice down a bit since the kids would also be eating the gumbo, and used the vegetables and meats that I had on hand. It was served over rice with grilled corn on the cob. What a delicious dinner, and a great way to use the garden odds and ends!

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Garden Odds and Ends = Gumbo + recipes