Got Peels and Cores?

My oldest is finishing up the Little House series, and currently is reading Farmer Boy

. While reading this series we often enjoy comparing our lifestyles to theirs. Currently he is reading about their harvest. I love how the timing has fallen together.

Today's reading included the apple harvest. We could relate to that. We've been picking and making sauce, apple butter, dried apples, sliced apples, and lots of apple goodies. It was interesting to note that Almanzo's family made some of the same things we do, though often they used a different process. One that usually involved a lot more physical labor.

After picking apples, they would sort them. The nice apples were kept, and the not so nice ones were sent to be made into cider. They made lots of things from the apples they kept, but what caught my attention was what they did with the scraps.
Everything must be saved, nothing wasted of all the summer's bounty. Even the apple cores were saved for making vinegar...
And I've just been feeding them to the animals. Geesh, how wasteful I've been.

Really though, I've made blackberry vinegar before, and it was so easy, not to mention tasty. So, I'm thinking about giving cider vinegar a try. I checked in the The Little House Cookbook

. There is a great explanation and how to in there, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It is a bit more involved than when I made blackberry vinegar.

A Google search quickly led me to an Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe. There are two recipes there, one for whole apples and one for peels and cores. They both use the easier process I was looking for. (There is also a link from that site to an article that discusses the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Very interesting.)

Since I made apple butter, dried apples, and an apple crisp yesterday, I have two containers of cores and peels sitting on my counter right now. They are getting all shriveled and brown. Perfect! Soon I will put them in a container with water. In a few months, with any luck, I will have some wonderful homemade apple cider vinegar.

Waste not. Want not. Besides my animals have eaten plenty of apples scraps already this summer!

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Got Peels and Cores? + water