New and yummy wild foods

If you aren't a 100 Acre Wood reader, you probably wonder what I am talking about. I have talked there several times about foraging and the wild (and free) foods (weeds) that we have been eating. Since foraging is a frugal kinda thing I will be talking about it here now.

The summer was pretty consumed with blackberries, but they are gone, (and honestly I wish I had picked more!) and we're getting close to a new season with new foods to find. When we started going up to the neighbors pasture we found a persimmon tree. I have never had one, but Bootstraps and Biscuits says they are delicious! I wish I would have read her info about them before I tasted them. They are not delicious before they are ripe. I figured out today they are not really ripe until brown and soft toward the end of fall or early winter. Of course, I need to get the neighbors permission before I can pick them.

Then walking along the road I saw a wild pear tree. We drive by it every time we leave, but I never noticed then. The fruit may be a little hard to get to; we may have to wait until they fall. There were a few I could reach so we picked a few today. They aren't quite ripe, but even so they taste better than those rocks they call pears in the store. I can't wait to get some of these ripe. We will eat them fresh and hopefully get some canned too.

More free fruit! Can't beat it!

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New and yummy wild foods + wild foods