Parents for Modesty

Have you tried to shop for little girl clothing lately? It is so hard to find clothes that let them be little girls. Little girl clothes tend to be smaller versions of teenage clothes. They show too much and draw attention to areas that no one needs to be looking at and use slogans with double meanings. I don't like this clothing for any age, but when they try to sell it for my four year old, it makes me downright angry! Let her be a little girl!

Everyday mommy posted about this and got a huge response. So she and a few other bloggin ' mommies got together and formed Moms for Modesty. (They have updated it to include dads too!) They are calling us to spread the word and exercise our blogging influence (and our spending power) to send a message to retailers. Check out the post here and join in!

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Parents for Modesty + message