Refrigerator Smarts

Suffering from a bit of writers block this morning, I decided to pull Yankee Magazine's Make It Last: Over 1,000 Ingenious Ways to Extend the Life of Everything You Own

off the shelf for a little inspiration. I found some interesting tips about the refrigerator.

1. Location
Two tidbits of advice about location. One is when you lay out your kitchen to put the refrigerator away from direct sunlight or any heat generating items like the stove. Makes sense.

Another thing to consider about the location of the refrigerator is ventilation. We are learning about this one first hand here. If you were in my kitchen right now you may notice that my refrigerator is pulled out from the wall a couple feet right now. It is all about ventilation.

We bought this house three years ago with the appliances. The refrigerator was fairly new and barely fit into the space for it. In fact, the previous owners had cut off the bottom trim of the cupboard to make it fit. Last summer we noticed it wasn't keeping up. We had milk spoil before the dates, and no matter how high we turned the refrigerator it just wasn't very cold. When the the weather cooled the refrigerator stayed colder.

This summer it did the same thing. That is when my dad mentioned that maybe it did not have enough clearance space, and we pulled it out from the wall. It is working much better now. So, now we just have to remove the cupboard above the refrigerator so that it can be moved back in a bit.

2. Cleaning
When I wash out the refrigerator I use vinegar and water. The book however recommends 1 TB of baking soda to 1 quart of water. I love the trick they suggest for cleaning under the fridge.
To clean underneath the fridge, wrap a cloth around a yardstick or other flat stick and slide it under the unit. Or grab the dust with the long handles brush you normally use to clear snow off your car's windshield.

This book is full of so many frugal ideas. I shared some more of them awhile back in Yankee Ingenuity. The book's copyright is 1996 so some of the tips are a bit outdated, but it still is a great source of frugal inspiration.

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