Saturday Goodies

Happy Saturday to you! Departing slightly from my normal list of carnivals and festivals, I first want to point you two posts that caught my eye this week. One for fun, and the other a very practical post that has me thinking.

First fun:
Peanut butter play-doh! How fun and delicious does that sound!

And the practical:
One of my favorite tools: This post is not exactly what I thought it would be about. It is about greenhouses. Like most gardeners, a greenhouse is on my someday list. I imagine it as a place to start my seedlings early, and move them outdoors when it was safe. Maybe I'd grow lettuce in it over the winter.

This article is about how a family uses their unheated greenhouse in the Pacific Northwest to raise most of their food for the year, without canning. It is very interesting and full of pictures. It has me thinking about greenhouse gardening. Also, it has me really wanting one, but don't worry I'm not running out to buy one. The last thing I need to do right now is to max out my credit card limit.

And the carnivals and festivals:
Carnival of the Recipes
Make it from Scratch
Homesteading Carnival
Home Preserving Carnival
Living Simply Saturdays - this is a new one over at Keeper of the Home. Go check it out!

Have a great weekend!

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Saturday Goodies + recipe