Cutting the food budget

When you are trying to cut your budget, food is one of the easiest places to start. Yes, food is a necessity, but dining out multiple times in a week, or eating surf and turf is not. Making simple changes in your habits can quickly trim the budget. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

1.Eat out less
99.9% (not an actual statistic, but I bet it is close!) of the time it is cheaper to cook at home than to go out to eat. Even if you don't cook, you are better off buying pre-made convenience food at a grocery store than going out to eat.

2. Learn to cook from scratch
Get a good basic cook book, or use resources online to try a few simple recipes. I bet you'll be surprised how easy they are to prepare, and how much better they taste. I know I was.

3. Use less meat.
Meat is one of the most expensive grocery items, and the typical American diet includes more than the recommended amounts. Use meat as an ingredient of the main dish, as in a stir fry; not as the main dish itself.

4. Comparison shop.
If you were buying a new computer or a T.V. you would compare prices. Why not compare food prices? Food purchases may not cost as much at one time as a new computer, but over the course of a year, food is a much larger portion of your budget.

I am working on a little project to help with #4, and I can't wait to share it with you! It has been informative for me, but it isn't ready just quite yet. I hope to have it ready early next week, but until then I would love to see which grocery stores you think are the cheapest. Please participate in the poll at the top of the page, and if you'd like leave a comment here about why you think that type of store is the best place to shop!

For more ideas about trimming the grocery bill, I invite you to browse the Grocery Label.
Some of my favorite recipes: Recipes

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